All garden members must live in Brookline and are expected to follow these regulations.


1. Plant your plot by mid May (depending on the weather).  If you do not use your garden you risk losing it without a refund. Please respect this rule, as there are many residents waiting for a garden space.

2. Keep your plot clean and help maintain common areas, including paths next to your garden. Keep up with weeding - weeds are not acceptable.  Important - Remove weeds by the roots and throw away in plastic bags.  Do not compost.  Do not allow seeds to spread. Trees or bushes are not allowed to grow in your garden as they shade other plants.  Corn and grape vines are not allowed.  

3. Learn about water conservation.  Do not waste water.  Hoses and spigots must be shut off.  If you notice that someone left water running, turn it off.  The best time to water is in the early morning.  It is more effective than at night and it prevents mildew.  This garden is committed to conserving water

4. Use organic products.  NO chemical pesticides.  Do not use Round-Up.  Read labels - some products kill bees and useful insects.

5. You may be allowed to use fences if pests become a problem.  Clear projects with garden coordinator.  Trellises and fences should be in garden friendly colors (green or brown).  

6. Harvest regularly.  This discourages theft (both animal and human). Do not pick from your neighbor’s plot. Notify the garden coordinator immediately if there is suspicious activity.

7. Please compost as much organic waste (plant matter) at your own home or apartment.  Disposal of some plant material may be on-site.  This is to be determined.

Other Notes

- Gardeners are strongly encouraged to participate in the winter business meeting and spring and fall clean-ups.

- Each member must sign up for a work requirement before they are assigned a plot.

- Dogs are not allowed within the garden.

- Children must be supervised in the garden.

- Protect yourself from tick and mosquito disease, tetanus, sunburn and poison ivy.

- All gardens are assigned to one person/family/household and can not be transferred to friends, neighbors, etc... You may apply as a joint membership and both names are considered members.

Lawton Park Community Garden Rules 

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