Volunteer Requirement

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to the Lawton Park Community Garden through the Brookline GreenSpace Alliance non-profit account.  The money would be reserved for the community garden to cover the cost of hoses and irrigation, a entryway trellis, a picnic table, a bulletin board, a tool shed, educational programming, plantings for the perimeter “food forest”, a free for the picking border of berries, herbs and other edibles.  A cost estimate for each item will be sent to you upon request. 

Email LawtonParkCommunityGarden@gmail.com for instructions on how to make a donation. 

Initial Committees 

These committees are being created to get the garden going.  They can be changed as needed. Please review them and pick your first and second choice for volunteer participation.   The chairs from each committee will serve on the board for the garden.   We look forward to meeting you! 

1. Fundraising activities (1 chair + 4 members)

Obtaining in-kind services and donations of goods 


2. Garden coordination & support (1 chair + 6 members)

Annual compost delivery

Oversee perimeter plantings 

Seed ordering/sharing, seedling swap

Tool oversight and maintenance

Garden chore allocation

Work days

3. Communication & Outreach (1 chair + 3 members)

Webpage update 

Member outreach

Newsletter/posted notices

Contact with participating organizations (Women and Girl's Thriving in Brookline, Baycove Academy)

4. Programming  (1 chairs + 5 members)

Social events such as pot-lucks and casual gathering

Annual meeting

Garden education on maximizing your space and/or water conservation

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