Who may apply?  If you live in Brookline and have little or no gardening space, you may apply. Will there be a fee?  Yes, Town of Brookline will charge $40 per year. Is this a Town park? Yes, Lawton Park, located between Harvard Street and Commonwealth Ave., is a public park with basketball courts and park land. The garden is next to the basketball courts. The Town of Brookline Recreation Department will maintain the waiting list.  The Parks Department, along with the Department of Public Works, will constructed the garden.

Who started the garden? Gardeners from across Brookline were inspired by the work of Bountiful Brookline. They  formed a steering committee to write a proposal and raise funds. 
Who runs the garden?  Members work in volunteer committees.  Two members from each committee serve on the board.  There is a volunteer coordinator. 
 Who is funding the garden? The Town of Brookline is providing most of the funding. The Brookline Community Foundation, the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund, Brookline Greenspace Alliance and Whole Foods have provided grant money.   Will there be a work requirements for those with plots? Yes, each members will be required to join a committee and participate in garden work day events. Are there rules and regulations? Yes, they will be sent to you when you are assigned a plot and they are listed on the rules page. Please note that they are tentative rules and may be changed.
Do I have to know how to garden? Absolutely not!  This is a community project and we are all involved to share our knowledge and help each other.   For example, there will be training on maximizing your yield in a “Square Foot Garden”.    
Tell me more about the plot.   Each member gets one plot.  The regular plots are 4 feet by 8 feet.  That is 32 square feet of planting space.  The beds are 12” high.  We filled them with good planting soil  Any compost that you want to add will be at your own expense.  What about higher beds?  There are three beds that are raised higher off the ground so that people either in wheelchairs, or with physical limitations, can plant too.
And water?  There are two spigots installed, one on either side of the garden.   Water is included.  You can find a “water buddy” to help you water if you are away for a few days. Can we share a plot?  Yes, if you are away for part of the summer and are concerned that you will not be able to water and weed, two households may apply together.   Wait...I don’t want a garden plot.  Can I still walk my dog there? Yes, there is be plenty of space to walk your dog in front of the garden or around the sides. And the picnic table near the road is still be there. And what about the basketball court? No changes there.  The court remains. There will be 15 feet between the side of the court and the fence for the garden.  Can I participate in planting in the perimeter garden on the exterior border of the fence?   We will have a “Border Planting Committee” that will design and maintain flower plantings and edibles for the public to enjoy.  You do not have to have a plot to help in border design and planting.
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