Welcome Lawton Park Community Gardeners!


We offer resources to cultivate a healthy, successful and abundant community garden for both new gardeners and those with experience. 

Exciting benefits to growing your own fruits and vegetables:

  • More Fresh and Healthy Food! Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals and can reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and some types of cancer

  • Eating Organic! More control over avoiding chemicals used for growing food conventioning

  • Improved Quality of Life! More exercise and a chance to connect with Mother Nature

  • More Sustainable! Less need to transport food from distant farms

  • Saving Money! Lower fruit and vegetable bills at the grocery store


Educational Workshops and Resources

Second Annual Winter Meeting

Date TBA -  Baycove Academy

Useful Links

Here's a link to a great square foot planting guide:



More resourceful links to videos, blogs and more:






Happy Growing!

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